Rinse (Tidysongs) Review

Tidysongs turned out to be such a successful startup it was recently acquired by RealNetworks. The same company that produces the RealPlayer and other computer software. Tidysongs is now Rinse! Same great software, that will only get better now that it has a major player in the software arena behind it!

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Rinse (Tidysongs) iTunes Organizer

Anybody that is serious about figuring out how to organize iTunes automatically needs to turn to a relatively new and revolutionary program called Rinse (Tidysongs). This is an advanced piece of software that is specifically designed to organize iTunes and make browsing your music collection a total breeze. Not only is this ground-breaking program one of the best pieces of iTunes organizer software you can own, but it’s also accurate, fast, and a cinch to work with. If you’d like to automatically download album art, find and delete duplicate music in your iTunes library, correct typos and misspellings, and fix genres, this is definitely the software for you! In this Rinse (Tidysongs) review, we’ll go over exactly what this iTunes organizer software can do for your music library and how easily it can do it!

Fix Song Details

Have you ever noticed the way an organized iTunes library looks? All of the album names, song titles and artists’ names are spelled correctly and contain the correct form. These types of iTunes libraries just look presentable and organized! If you’ve got several songs by the “Black Eyed Peas,” the “black-eyed peas,” and the “Blackeyed-Peas,” this unique software could definitely help out! Maybe you’ve got some missing genres, or the release years for a lot of your music aren’t accurate. This program can fix this in a flash. You even have the option to allow the software to fix all of your music automatically, or you can designate the program to fix songs one-by-one.

Grammatical mistakes and mislabeled music simply doesn’t get past Rinse (Tidysongs). If you want your iTunes library to look composed and tidy and if you want missing song details to be an issue of the past, this is definitely the iTunes organizer software for you. Rinse (Tidysongs) makes your songs look good because it fixes all misspelled titles, artist or album names. And it doesn’t stop at that. It will also fill in any missing song details such as genre and release year.

Find and Delete Duplicates

Let’s take a look at how menacing duplicate files in your music collection can be. If you’ve got loads of copies of MP3s in your music library, this can really get annoying. Not only will this have an irritating effect on listening to your music, but many duplicates can really begin to waste space on your hard drive. Instead of trying to remove all of these useless files yourself, you can just use Rinse (Tidysongs) to take care of these files in a fraction of the time. With this program, all you need to do is initiate a search for duplicate music, review the list of music that the program finds, and simply delete! That’s really all there is to it, and once you’ve cleared the duplicates out of your collection, you don’t have to accidentally listen to the same song over and over!

To be realistic, you don’t want to have to manually remove these duplicate files yourself every time. Additionally, iTunes’s “Find Duplicates” feature isn’t very effective due to only finding exact matches. Overall, trying to manually remove duplicates gets old, and you really end up wasting a lot of time when you could have let iTunes organizer software do it for you all along.

You can even be confident when deleting duplicate files because Rinse (Tidysongs) uses advanced intelligence to decipher between two copies of the same song. Maybe you want to keep the acoustic version of a song as well as the album version. You can actually configure the program easily to overlook these types of differences, or you can choose to just keep one. It’s up to you.

Automatically Download Album Art

This may even be the sole reason you are drawn to this software. If you’re sick and tired of looking at blank album art in your iTunes program, it may be time to let this reputable iTunes organizer software take over and download your high-resolution album artwork in a flash. iTunes can only help so much with automatically downloading album art because it requires that the correct metadata be included with the song. If this isn’t the case, you aren’t getting any album artwork. This application weeds out all of that nonsense and grabs your album art off the internet in a flash.

Organizing iTunes with This Software

Browsing your music collection by the genre is a great way to listen to music that fits your mood at the right moment. However, if your collection doesn’t display the correct genres or if there are genres that are missing, this is impossible to do. That’s why this software is perfect for fixing your genres so that your music displays its correct classification! Even if some of your music displays odd genres, you can generalize them more using Rinse (Tidysongs).

This program eliminates any need to manually organize and maintain your music library ever again. Have you ever tried to go in and tidy things up a bit in your music collection, and you actually realized that you did more harm than good? This is because it can be confusing and boring trying to manually work with your music. You might even delete the wrong files! Using this software can make keeping a clean and organized collection of music a breeze.

Simply use Rinse (Tidysongs) to:

1. Scan your music library.
2. Review the results and look over the duplicate, erroneous and mislabeled music.
3. Specify how you would like the software to treat the results.
4. Allow the program to do the rest!

That’s really it, and you can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that this software is handling all of your music organization needs.

About Rinse (Tidysongs)

About a year ago, this innovative software was developed by a company by the name of Cloudbrain. The program has been downloaded thousands of times by users all over the world to help fix their music libraries. Unlike other music organizers on the market, this software has consistently received high ratings from most users (to the tune of 4.5 stars out of 5). The program is lightning fast and is not heavily reliable on computer resources in most cases. An internet connection is recommended with the use of this software. If you are serious about trying to organize iTunes and fix common music library errors, turn to this program. This TidySongs review has only revealed just some of the helpful features of this program. Check out the software to get the full effect and to begin organizing!

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